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The Nelligan

The Nelligan

$100.00 CAD

Everyone needs some time to enjoy the pleasures of life. The Nelligan’s casual and youthful tones exude the warmth of the sun and easy living. Unwind, shake off your work attire and switch to into your favourite casual clothes. The weekend awaits.

The Nelligan by Maison 630 combines the elegance of tan Essex leather and the warm streaky colors of Canarywood:

  • The Essex is a vegetable tanned leather produced in the United States. It is marked by a high-oil content. Super soft, yet very durable, this leather ages beautifully over time.
  • Canarywood, or Centrolobium spp., hails from South America. Colors range from pale yellow-orange to a darker red-brown.  Its grain is usually straight, but occasionally will display more irregular or wild streaks throughout. This sturdy wood has a silky finish, resulting in the ideal backing to The Nelligan.

This item's measurements are:

  • Width 90mm
  • Height 101mm
  • Depth 12mm
  • Fits 5 cards

*Note: small imperfections sometimes are visible on the leather because we use natural, high-quality sides.  The same applies to the wood: patterns and coloring will differ based on the heartwood