The Dante

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. The Dante not only demands the spotlight, but revels in it. With a devil-may-care attitude and penchant for mischief, the Dante is for the gentleman who is not afraid to lay his cards on the table. In fact, the gleam in his eye glows brighter as the stakes grow higher.

The Dante by Maison 630 brings together distinguished dark burgundy Chromexcel leather and the red-brown Bubinga:

  • The American produced Chromexcel is characterized by a unique recipe and time-honored techniques, making it rich and sleek to the touch and very durable.
  • Bubinga, or Guibourtia spp, comes from Equatorial Africa. It is very frequently seen with a variety of figures, including a crisp red tone with swirly brown streaks. It is a very strong wood with moderate natural luster, complementing the burgundy Chromexcel to perfection.
This item's measurements are:
  • Width 90mm
  • Height 101mm
  • Depth 12mm
  • Fits 5 cards

*Note: small imperfections sometimes are visible on the leather because we use natural, high-quality sides.  The same applies to the wood: patterns and coloring will differ based on the heartwood