About Us


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Maison 630 was established in 2013 in a small workshop in Canada. Our raison-d’être is to craft luxurious and unique everyday goods using traditional techniques. Our products are conceived based on the availability of materials with designs inspired by what we have at our disposal. Thus, while our collection features a recurring set of products, our stock consists primarily of impromptu, limited series editions.


We are committed to two fundamental principles: First, the materials we select are of the highest quality. Second, each product is crafted with care and attention to detail. We achieve this second goal by adhering to old-fashioned fabrication methods and avoiding any shortcut that could compromise the integrity of the final product. This process entails resawing the original plank; executing a carefully calculated series of cuts, drilling and sanding; and finally sealing each piece by hand. Each pocket of leather is treated with equal care before being paired with the piece of wood. Once paired, they are glued and sewn one by one.

We are dedicated to refined craftsmanship and distinctive aesthetics. While all our goods are rigorously inspected to ensure premium quality, sometimes, small imperfections are visible on the leather because we use natural, high-quality sides.  The same applies to the wood: patterns and coloring will differ based on the heartwood.  The result is that each handmade item is truly one of a kind.