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The Enzo

The Enzo

$60.00 CAD

The Enzo embodies the timeless look of the quintessential red racecar. Bold and colourful, wearing this bracelet is a statement, one that aims to surpass the boundaries of humdrum normalcy. For those who are attentive to trends and, most importantly, keen on setting them.

The Enzo by Maison 630 combines bright red Bloodwood with hazelnut brown Chromexcel leather and stainless steel*:

  • The American produced Chromexcel is characterized by a unique recipe and time-honored techniques, making it rich and sleek to the touch and very durable.
  • Bloodwood, Brosimum rubescens, originates from Tropical South America. Its bright red heartwood also has a few shades of dark brown running through. The grain is usually straight or slightly interlocked. It has a natural luster, but can also darken slightly over time. It is very resistant and dense.

This item is available in two sizes:

  • S/M: fits wrists up to 7 1/4 inches or 185mm
  • L/XL: fits wrists up to 8 1/4 inches or 210mm
  • Custom sizes are also offered, simply fill out the contact us page.

*Note: small imperfections sometimes are visible on the leather because we use natural, high-quality sides. The same applies to the wood: patterns and colouring will differ based on the heartwood.