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The Eliot

The Eliot

$120.00 CAD

Sometimes it’s the subtle things that leave the biggest impression. The Eliot is a throwback to an earlier time when there was no need to celebrate the mundane, and timeless aesthetics were preferred. Emphasizing this simplicity, it exudes a quiet, understated confidence.

The Eliot by Maison 630 amalgamates the vintage look of the brown nut Derby leather and the bold darkness of the Wenge:

  • Derby leather is a vegetable tanned leather produced in the United States. It is marked by a high-oil content. Super soft, yet very durable, this leather ages beautifully over time.
  • Wenge, or Millettia laurentii, can be found in a few locations across Africa. It has a mystifyingly dark brown-to-black texture.  Its grain is rather straight and has a low natural luster. This durable wood has a soft finish and accompanies the brown Derby leather almost naturally.

This item's measurements are:

  • Width 90mm
  • Height 101mm
  • Depth 12mm
  • Fits 5 cards

*Note: small imperfections sometimes are visible on the leather because we use natural, high-quality sides.  The same applies to the wood: patterns and coloring will differ based on the heartwood